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    Hitachi Construction Machinery


    ConSite Data Report


    ”Monthly report” Receive operation reports with advice via e-malil or smartphone.
    ”Alarm reportreceive Emergency alarm notifications via e-mail or smartphone.

    The monthly report notifies on each machine’s operation status, and the alarm report notifies on alarm information. These two types of reports allow you to visualize the operation status of your machine, and monitor your machine’s day-to-day operation status in order to maximize machine availability

    Available in more than 30 languages, ConSite’s monthly data report service provides you with a working record every month in-time via e-mail or smartphone.

    In case of machine downtime, ConSite can detect the urgency of information using an intelligent filtering system and alert you immediately.

    To know more about ConSite data report Service, please refer to the following link.


    Customer - Indonesia

    ConSite Reports are almost complete. The Reports tell us the reasons of the problem…

    Industry: Coal Mining Contractor
    PT. Primacon Click for details

    Customer - Indonesia

    We are waiting for this kind of activities. The system for the central controlling is very important…

    Industry: Forestry
    PT. Kutai Chip Mill Click for details

    Dealer - Japan

    “Service Sales” role is to visit important customers to arrange best fit service plan…

    HCMJ Dealer Click for details
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