Hitachi Construction Machinery


Following is a wrap-up of answers to the most common questions asked by shareholders and individual investors.


Questions about the company

Q1: When was the company established?

A: October 1970. For background information on the company, see Company Outline.
For the historical development of the company, see History.

Q2: When was the company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

A: 1981.

Q3: Please tell me about the company’s initiatives for the environment and social contribution.

A: Based on a corporate vision of passing on a productive environment and prosperous cities to future generations, the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is engaged in resolving social issues through business in order to realize a better society for all.
See the following page for further details.

arw_r?Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Q4: How are hydraulic excavators made?

A: See the following page for details on the manufacturing process.

arw_r?Works Tour



Questions about the company's business results and financial information

Q1: When are the company’s accounts closed?

A: March 31. See the following page for a schedule of when results are announced.

arw_r?IR Calendar

Q2: Where can I get the latest financial information?

A: See the following page for financial information.

arw_r?Explanatory Meeting Materials


Questions about stocks

Q1: On which securities exchanges are the company’s stocks listed?

A: First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Q2: What is the companys securities code?

A: The securities code of Hitachi Construction Machinery is 6305.

Q3: How many shares are in each trading unit?

A: 100.

Q4: Who is the shareholder registry administrator?

A: Tokyo Securities Transfer Agent Co., Ltd.

Q5: When is the annual meeting of shareholders?

A: The meeting is held in June every year.

Q6: Does the company have a Shareholder Benefit Plan?

A: No, the company does not have a Shareholder Benefit Plan.

Q7: When is the record date for dividend payments?

A: March 31 and September 30 every year. See the following page for more information on stocks.

arw_r?Basic Stock Information


Other questions

Q1: How do I go about getting an annual report?

A: Since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, we have published the CSR & Financial Report,
combining the companys annual report together with the CSR report.
See the following page to view the report.

arw_r?CSR & Financial Report

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