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As a construction machinery manufacturer, Contributing to the richness of Earth and prosperous communities for 70 years



“To pass on a productive environment and prosperous cities to future generations.”

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group helps to create comfortable living spaces.

Hitachi Construction Machinery has been developing its engineering capabilities in line with social development and manufacturing and advancing construction machinery, which supports the construction of social infrastructure, industry and residential houses around the world.

Our history spans 70 years since the start of the mass production of construction machinery at Hitachi, Ltd.Offering innovative and reliable solutions that combine products and solutions to faithfully serve customers, we will contribute to building great land and communities.

About us

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Original Technologies and Reliable Solutions

Since developing Japan’s first hydraulic excavator based exclusively on Japanese technology, we have been creating technologies to make the work of humans easier, more advanced and more efficient.

To meet today’s demand for automation and electrification, we are flexibly introducing ICT and IoT technologies developed on the foundation of our original technologies for hydraulic and other systems to provide products and solutions that will help resolve customers’ needs for increased safety and productivity and reduced lifecycle costs.


Businesses and Products


Endeavoring to build a sustainable society together with customers

From our foundation of advancing construction machinery to help build great land and communities,
we will work to resolve social and environmental issues through our business activities to increase our social value together with customers and other stakeholders around the world.

Environment / CSR

Our Business

Creating greater value through value chain business

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group has been enhancing its value chains, which encompass new machinery sales, parts, services, used machinery, rental, parts remanufacturing and finance, to constantly increase the value offered to customers.

Medium-term Management Plan

Investor Relations

Ratio of sales by region

Breakdown of workforce

Construction machines equipped with information and communication terminals

Earnings structure

Our Culture

“Kenkijin” are people who understand what HCM aspires to be and think and act independently to turn those aspirations into reality

The Kenkijin Spirit is a common approach in the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group.
With this spirit, Hitachi Construction Machinery staff display their personality and capabilities around the world to bolster our corporate value.


Global Network

To support our customers’ businesses, our bases are located all over the world, providing an extensive array of products and solutions.

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