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Parts Remanufacturing

Parts Remanufacturing

Helping customers maintain productivity while reducing lifecycle costs

Hitachi Construction Machinery operates globally a business that remanufactures hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, drive equipment and other equipment as parts with performance equivalent to brand new ones.
We collect used components, disassemble, wash, repair and replace inner parts at our remanufacturing plant, and sell them as remanufactured components at around 60 to 70 percent of the price of a brand-new product.
For example, at a large overseas mine located far from the city, mining machinery continues to operate almost 24 hours a day.
When a failure occurs, it takes time to restore functionality while ordering the necessary parts for replacement.
Hitachi Construction Machinery has set up component remanufacturing plants around the world. By supplying remanufactured components from a plant that is closer to a mine, the machinery can be restored earlier, helping the customer maintain productivity and reduce lifecycle costs.
The re-use of parts and components also reduces industrial waste.
As an initiative towards building a circulating society, we will continue to promote the component remanufacturing business to ensure that remanufactured components can be supplied in a stable manner.

Our Parts remanufacturing business brand: REMANUFACTURED
Remanufacuturing Parts plant?in Tsuchiura Works
Remanufacuturing Parts plant?in Hitachinaka Works

The flow of component remanufacturing

Photo top: A component being washed and disassembled,Photo bottom: A remanufactured component being painted, and finished,Photo right: Performance testing conducted before shipping
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