Hitachi Construction Machinery


Double Arm Working Machine

Double Arm Working Machine

Taking on the challenge of robotics to change the history of the hydraulic excavator

In 2005, Hitachi Construction Machinery developed ASTACO, a machine based on a hydraulic excavator that is equipped with two arms. Its distinctive form has made it popular with children and adults alike.
Having two arms allows the machine to perform operations such as pulling an object while holding it, cutting an object while holding it, and bending long objects. This feature allows ASTACO to operate in various fields, including disaster rescue and demolition work.
In 2012, Hitachi Construction Machinery produced the ASTACO NEO ZX135TF-3, utilizing the research it had conducted to date. This is a more powerful and versatile two arm machine that makes it possible to work in a wider range of situations.
Then in 2018, Hitachi Construction Machinery developed a concept machine employing a four-leg crawler system. This enables stable operation in conditions where it is difficult to keep the machine body level, such as on sloped or uneven ground.
Under our corporate philosophy to be active in the evolution of “machinery” and the synergy between “people” and “work” that combines to create rich living spaces, making them more comfortable, highly developed and efficient,
Hitachi Constrction Machinery will continue to pursue the future possibilities of construction machinery and take on the challenge of developing robotics.

Note: Double Arm Working Machine ASTACO is only available in Japan.

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